Fin de fiesta
Simulacion de lo esencial 


Mermaid Portraits
Landscape Of Contrast

Cyborg Layers
Essencial Oils


Fantasia Voxel House

Mermaid Portraits

🐬When it's all over, we're going back to the sea 🐬.

“Gloom”, 2020. 

 I take VR guided meditations while my pc is reendering. **Be a futuristic bae**

“Fantasía”, 2020.

Today I talked to the sea. I understood that looking at beauty lifts the mood. I'm your online illusion.

“Safe Place”, 2020.

Taking bubble baths makes me feel soft in hard times. This is my safe place.

“Mermaid Portrait”, 2020.

Now I wear lighter clothing. I'm Comfortable in my own skin. *Mermaid vibes*

I'm your online illusion.︎

Photogrammetry tests and online meditations.✨🐋