Amplify DAI It is a community that functions as a meeting point and place of activation for artists.

In its first 4 years, the program has build an active network of female creators working in the electronic music, digital arts, sound and immersive storytelling sectors in Canada, Latin America and the UK.


Exhibition of  Fluido.obj. Mutek Montreal

A/v Set with rkkss - Mutek Montreal

A/v Set with rkkss - Mutek Argentina

Noviembre electronico with QOA.


︎ Joaquina joined the community in 2019 and it gave her the possibility to widen her horizons, meet digital artists from all parts of the world, share their experiences and perform investigations.

︎ Part of her work for Amplify consisted of participating in the creation of the graphic images for the project and collaborating with several sound artists. One of those collaborations stands out and it is her Visual Set presented at MUTEK Montréal and Mutek Ar with music by rkss.