Joaquina Salgado (Argentina) is a digital artist who combines emerging technologies for the creation of XR experiences, interactive virtual spaces and A/V performances. Her explorations between the physical and dream worlds converge in the creation of synthetic environments using real-time technologies, digital sculpture and photogrammetry, aiming to reflect on human nature, internal programming and the relationship we generate with machines as an interactive mirror.

Joaquina is part of Amplify DAI, an international network of women artists and curators working in digital arts. Her multimedia studies at the Universidad de Artes de La Plata (Argentina) led her to present her work in various exhibition contexts such as digital art festivals, nightclubs, galleries and metaverse. She has exhibited at festivals such as Mutek and Mirage, and collaborated on projects with Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF).

In 2023 she presented in Zurich the motion capture and performance "DERIVA" for which she worked during her residency in Basel, Switzerland thanks to the support of Pro Helvetia and some months later attended her first solo show "DESBORDE" at Centro NAVE in Santiago de Chile, Chile.

Her last participation this year is with her VR installation “FLUIDO.OBJ” in TRIENAL APAP7, a Public Art and Urban Heterotopias exhibition in Anyang, Korea, that lasts 3 months in place.


  • 2019 - "FLUIDO.OBJ.VR" - A/V Performance - MUTEK Montreal and MUTEK Argentina. 2020 - "FLUIDO.OBJ.VR" - VR Installation - Mirage Festival - Lyon, France.
  • 2020 - "CAOS by CRYPTOARG" - CryptoVoxels.
  • 2021 - "SIMULACIÓN DE LO ESENCIAL" VideoGame Installation - CRYPTOARG Collective Exhibition.
  • 2021 - "MI AURA ES LA NET" 3d sculpture - Virtual Exhibition. Ergo Proxy. 2021 - "RETORNO" shorfilm - Virtual Exhibition - Fundación PROA.
  • 2021 - "CRYPTOARG x MoCa" - Virtual Space in Decentraland.
  • 2022 - "HIDRONTES" A/V Installation - "DESAFIÓS" Exhibition - Fundacion Andreani - Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • 2022 - "NIVEL V: Crisis de las coordenadas" - FullDome experience - MUTEK - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2022 - "MITO DEL AGUA MURIENTE" - RIESGO PAÍS Exhibition by CRYPTOARG - New York, USA.
  • 2023 - "LA INFINITA" - "Not built in a Day" Exhibition - Rome, Italy.
  • 2023 - "SIMULACIÓN DE LO ESENCIAL" - "Zero Uno" Exhibition - Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • 2023 - "DERIVA" Live motion capture performance - ZHDK Zurich University of the Arts.
  • 2023 - "AVISPISH" A/V Installation - INHERITED Exhibition - Atelier Mondial - Basel, Switzerland.
  • 2023 - "MITO DEL AGUA MURIENTE" - NFC and Interwined Exhibition - Lisboa, Portugal.
  • 2023 - "SIMULACIÓN DE LO ESENCIAL", "AVISPISH", "LA INFINITA" - "DESBORDE" Individual Exhibition, Centro NAVE, Santiago de Chile, Chile.
  • 2023 - "FLUIDO.OBJ" VR Installation - APAP7 - Anyang, Korea.


  • 2020 - DIGITAL TECHNIQUES FOR IMAGE AND SOUND CREATION WITH MACHINE LEARNING - Online Residency- Somerset House Studios, London, England.
  • 2020 - WAYS TO THINK AN EXHIBITION SPACE IN LOCKDOWN - Photoscan/360 video techniques/Mozilla Hubs - Online Residency - Acéfala Galería - Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • 2022 - MOTION CAPTURE - Goldsmiths Arts University - London, England.
  • 2023 - ART RESIDENCY PRO HELVETIA - Atelier Mondial, Basel, Switzerland