VR Installation


Fluido.obj  is a virtual reality experience that invites us to float on a landscape of emotions. A beach on the bottom of the ocean, an electric tunnel that spins and glows, a surreal forest of fungi.

While users are traveling through virtual waterfalls, luminous structures and electronic sounds, they can also modify the aesthetic of their surroundings.


︎ 2019:

20th edition of MUTEK Montréal
  3rd edition of MUTEK Argentina

︎ 2020:

 Mirage festival. France.

︎ 2023:

 APAP7. Triennal. Anyang Korea.

“I seek to design a map of controllers for my own emotions, as an attempt to become a machine. Stroll around my aquatic fantasies and find my own rhythm (because you can easily get lost on other people’s sounds and rhythms).

As I design that paradise, surreal and blue, I create a metaphor/space for my psyche. I put together an emotional device that I need to share.”🍄️

    ︎ This work was created using 3D sculpting techniques and interactive scenario design with the Unreal software.

Fluido.obj consists of 3 aquatic settings, each representing a different sensation. Three movements, each triggered by a question, concept or sensation connected to water, travel and movement.

  ︎ As we sought to create a map of emotional controllers, VR technology allowed us to shape a personal reference of time, a mechanical ritual using real-time technology that allows the interactive system to create responses in a speed that seems simultaneous. Users can get a feeling of what it’s like to “be inside”, “inhabit”, “live in” the digital surrounding, rather than simply observe it, thus intensifying the experience.

Sound Design:
Ramiro Plano