is the A/V Duo and a project of curatorship headed by both Joaquina Salgado and Nina Corti (Qoa)

This project was born out of the practice of imagining possible future scenarios that queerize space and time. In these imaginary contexts, image and sound are no longer mixed as separate agents with different hierarchies, but as different forms of vibrant matter.

“The natural and the artificial, sound and visual waves… our bodies activate at the emergence of a new aquatic ecosystem.
We imagine a possible future that rests on audiovisual composition and the journey through universes knit with emotional digital material.”🔮️


︎ 2020:

Noviembre Electrónico.

Qoa + Joaquina S:Mitologías Futuras [AR] (MUTEK.SF NEXUS Experience) - Mutek San Francisco

Qoa + Joaquina S:Mitologías Futuras [AR] - Mutek México and Tokyo

︎ 2021:

A/V Ciclo audiovisual experimental #27- JOAQUINA S & QOA - Museo MAR


︎ ︎ FUTURE MYTHOLOGIES is a portal that opens as a result of fusion, creating new ecosystems and inviting others to dive in.


︎ The first live edition of FUTURE MYTHOLOGIES was presented at MUTEK, SF Nexus Experience.

In this audiovisual performance, the artists constructed an audiovisual subaquatic space that was formed and mixed live in an auditory and rhythmic way. This (sound and visual) space is in constant feedback with itself, it modifies itself and all the while seems to be telling us something about the future.

When these performance stimuli are combined, they generate an experience that goes from suspense to meditation, and activates bodily and reflex sensations in the audience.


︎ In August 2020, during the COVID 19 pandemic, Joaquina and Qoa were invited to produce and curate an audiovisual experience that made it possible to build connections among artists from all parts of the world.

The experience was carried out through the CURRENTS FM platform and it brought together 9 pairs of artists that were invited to compose an audiovisual project of their own following the conceptual proposition that they were working on, namely, “possible future”, “future mythologies”. The proposal was to create a production that would be shared via streaming, exploring new formats of sensitive connection to take the consciousness to a (un)localized dimension.

Participants included CLON and NWRMMNT, France Jobin, Morita Vargas and Florencia Ondona, among others.


︎ In January 2021, Antonio Savasta invited the project to be a part of the audiovisual experimental exhibition at Museo Mar. MAR’s initiative came about at the beginning of the pandemic. It is a proposal for sound and visual artists to compose an original A/V work to share on the museum’s social networks. There is an understanding at the base that digital experimental practice is fundamental in order to expand the senses.