Audiovisual installation

Hidrontes is an  audiovisual  installation created by sound  artist QOA and Joaquina   Salgado  consisting of a  video in Loop, synchronized between 3 screens: 2 LED televisions and a projection. An speculative fiction of watery beings that arrive to dry lands to rehearse composting  and  care practices, learn to be co-players and co-exist in potential presents.


︎March-October 2022:

“Dislocations: recomposition exercises” By curator Jazmin Adler.   Fundacion Andreani. Buenos Aires, Agentina.
PH: Catalina Romero

︎ The material reality  of the  present  emerges from a complex  network of relationships with others, between humans, non-humans, insects, fungi, watercourses, minerals. All conscious and unconscious actions materially affected the current state of the world. Therefore, it is necessary to put our strength and attention in listening to the environment that surrounds us, to the people with whom we share the world, to the needs of the non-human beings with whom we coexist and ferment our knowledge to learn to co-exist in places that are ruined, contaminated and exploited by the unequal relations of power, extraction and exploitation that currently dominate the world.

︎︎Digital Ecosystem

︎ The technologies we use daily, which we relate to as prosthetic objects such as telephones, are made up of electronic components that are made from minerals extracted from the earth. As the world continues to move towards a future of mineral-intensive consumption, it is important to consider the genealogy and history of the technological objects with which we relate, the multiple local and international affections that arise from our performativity in the world, and the material traces we leave behind.

New forms are accompanied on their arrival by a SpirituAI guide animated by facial capture. The fabric screen displays satellite images of the Mina Argentina Bajo de la Alumbrera and a photogrammetric 3D representation of one of the plant guardians that is physically presented in the exhibition room

Futurity sounds
︎The sound is a composition made from the digital processing of field recordings made in the Yungas, province of Tucuman, Argentina, digital synthesis and voices. At the moment in which the beings are dancing, a fragment of a Calchaquí copla can be heard in the voice of Celia Segura (1933-2015), a counselor of the Indigenous Community of Amaicha Del Valle, Tucuman, who says “even if they say that I am dead, I am coming back from my roots”.

PH: Catalina Romero

︎ Our Braided practices —-
︎Nina Corti aka Qoa and Joaquina Salgado are both part of the international network of artists Amplify Digital Arts Initiative, they collaborate together since 2019, they participated in the online festivals of Mutek Japan and Mutek San francisco 2020, November electronic festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2020 and Experimental audiovisual cycle #27 at the Museo MAR, Mar del Plata, Argentina. Currently, they are exhibiting Hidrontes at Fundación Andreani, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

PH: Catalina Romero