“We have designed the filters in which the sound and visual matter flows, letting them mix as they will and create an electronic audiovisual experience.

To become enclosed within the light that we ourselves created is to actively inhabit that space that is molded with the beat.”👽️


︎ 2019:
Ciclo Indie Fuertes at Niceto Club.


The project for this light and visual installation was designed together with Giselle Hauscarriaga and it took place in NICETO CLUB. They worked together to curate and execute an electronic audiovisual party, which included the participation of music groups such as Estímulo and Vurkina.

We can see in this design the poetic mediations on the topics of having control/losing control.

For this event, the invited djs presented an auditory journey which guided the light and video installation that was designed specifically and executed live.

Franzizca, Vurkina, Mecha Clavijo and Sol Ariens were the ones responsible for immersing us in this collective hallucination of electronic sound. .

The installation formed a tridimensional space where the visual artists could remain while they operated hiding behind their compositions and their colors. Setting up their bodies and their djs’ in this way made it possible to find another way out to the usual problem. How can a VJ feel part of the installation and at the same time see what they are doing? As we know, the people in charge of the screens in raves are always outside the booth or with their backs to their work, thus losing any real sense of what is happening.


︎ Estimulo’s aim is to create a network within the under electronic culture. They share material, create bonds and compose audiovisual works that experiment on the mixture of genres and forms. The founders of Estimulo are Mecha Clavijo (DJ) and Florencia Ondona (VJ) and they have produced several events with female booths, in their search to connect techno sound to image, light and color. The artists are currently working on the design of “rave” garments.