Retorno is a digital short film by Joaquina Salgado and Florencia Ondona, made in may 2020 during the covid-19 quarantine.

“I’m going to make the most of this sort of mobile paralysis, in which nothing is moving except my mind.
I’m going to ask myself for forgiveness for all the times I downloaded information that was defining my destiny. I’m not alone…”


︎ 2020:

 Virtual exhibition “Territorio” Fundación Proa.

︎ 2021:

 Film festival BENDITA TU. Buenos Aires and Madrid.
 CINE.AR Award.

  BienalSur at Centro de Arte UNLP.

︎ 2022:

Night of the museums at Museo Moderno de Buenos Aires.


︎ Retorno tells the story of a digital explorer that lands on an unknown planet thanks to the overstimulation of her senses. She converses with her nervous system, while she walks through a mental valley looking for her own body.

︎ Joaquina Salgado designed the landscape using Unreal Engine, and Florencia Ondona created the script and recorded the off voice that would connect the image to the story of a fictional character that we assume is abstractly walking around the landscape of her own mind.

The ending of the collaborative piece was in charge of Elena Radiciotti, who created the sound design for the space.

︎ Credits-
 2020. Video 4’32’’

Digital Environment:
Joaquina Salgado

Script and voice:
Florencia Ondona

Sound Design:
Elena Radiciotti