I felt the vertigo of technology changing my soul, I am like a ghost in a dream machine. I just want to go back to my water roots.



Sound:Ramiro Plano


Just press the button and dive in,, 100% real nature.exe. no fake


El Agua Violenta

All images are held under water. Projections or realities, it is the same. I embrace the non-form.  


In 2021. SIMULACION DE LO ESENCIAL was presented as a Video Game in  CryptoArg Exhibition “No existe tierra más allá ”

From abstraction to an aquatic world, this installation invites us to think about classic dichotomies that continue to fill everyday life with contradictions, despite being widely discussed in different spheres.

The idea that we have about the artificial is disarmed when we try to define it, just as the natural environment is totally raversed by cybernetics, yet we continue to exalt a romantic and modern idea of a  romantic and modern idea of a nature that we never live with,but which we turn into a symbol.

Our environment presents itself as a hybrid for the artificial concept, but in truth it is our human nature that is at play between the manipulation of the environment and the body's adaptation to it. From the time we have inhabited the watery environment until now, nature consists in mutating.

The installation proposes a place to play, a specific place to immerse oneself in an abstract and virtual world.

At the same time, to play in order to think, in the constant exercise of exploiting contradictions and disarming them.
Text: Merlina Rañi