Motion Capture XR Performance

A six-month virtual creative residency program in 2022 - based at Goldsmiths, University  of  London, using the university-developed tool  that  streams live motion  capture  data over the internet,  allowing users from multiple  remote locations to interact in the same shared digital space.

We are water and memory is what the body carries,
Like information, like energy. Water is memory.
Responding to the insurmountable and collective grief,  loss and th e heaviness  of memory  experienced during the  afterlife of the  pandemic,  Water  Nodes is a hybrid immersive installation /performance (live +remote) that reminisces cross-cultural, personal, maternal histories inherited/passed on in the body. By evoking family archive photographs, spiritual and mythological references, the performance considers in the quality of water a passage for memories to flow, contain  and dissipate.


Creative technologist: Joaquina Salgado

Choreographers: Aabshaar Wakhloo, Sumedha Bhattacharyya

Dancers: Supriya Babbar, Andréa Moraes
(special participation from Brazil)

Sound designer:
Padmanabhan J

Studio and performance space :
Khuli Khirkee and Studio Sama New Delhi